Our Journey

From the Beginning

Our story began back in 2012 when we signed the lease for first store in the Inlet Village. We named it Dester Designs and Novelties and began selling small items including chips, drinks, wooden signs, candles, and various souvenirs.

Expanding & Making Memories

After years of putting in long hours we were given the great opportunity to expand our storefront. We increased our footprint and changed our name to fit our growing company expanded merchandise; Dester Designs and Souvenirs was born. Gone were the times of selling chips and soda to get by. We began selling custom signs, hundreds of custom Maryland flag decals, and much more. This expansion allowed us to further build on our customer base and continue to build our brand.

Flash Forward

2020 brought new challenges to our business. To keep up with the demands we began selling some pandemic essentials and worked hard to provide a safe shopping environment for all. Although we did not make it through the season unscathed, we were able to keep our nose to the grindstone and are pleased to announce our plans for 2021. Introducing Beachology a brand that encompasses who we are, both today and tomorrow. While still sticking to our roots with signs, stickers, and candles, we will also be expanding deeper into other markets. Although we are sad to be leaving The Inlet Village and the lifelong friends we have made there over the past 8 years we are excited to be moving to our new boardwalk location! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for updates!